28 Questions by Indyana Scheinder - signed hardback


This hardback copy of 28 Questions has been signed on a bookplate by the author, Indyana Schneider. It's her debut novel, pitched as a queer When Harry Met Sally for the Sally Rooney Generation. As Stylist says, "'If it's an addictive read you're after, consider this your next stop.' 

‘Reader, imagine yielding to someone with a power so strong she has the ability to slice time. Before. Her. After.’
When first-year music student Amalia stumbles into her Oxford college bar, she has no idea that everything is about to change. Seated across from her is Alex, a velvety-voiced fellow Australian with eyes the colour of her native sky. They strike up a friendship that is immediate - its intensity both thrilling and terrifying.
As the days and weeks go by, they spend more and more time together: philosophising, hypothesising, questioning everything. There is nothing they cannot talk about, except the one thing that matters most. Dare they risk a romantic entanglement if it threatens this most perfect of friendships?

Set across four years and five cities, and suffused with music, literature, art, dance, sex, and the exquisite pain and pleasure of first love, 
28 Questions is a passionate and unforgettable first novel about love in all its guises, growing up, and figuring out who you are along the way. 

Hardcover, 480 pages