Kettle des. George Sowden for Hay - 1.5L - Brown


 This fab kettle - designed by Home favourite, Leeds-born design legend George Sowden - looks great in any kitchen. Designed to be durable in plastic and stainless steel, this kettle is easy to clean. It has a well proportioned handle and easy to pour spout. Contains max 1.5 litres of water.  

The kettle shares the distinctive and coordinating palette of the other items in the Hay / Sowden collection - just search Sowden to find the matching toasters, teapots and coffee pots.

  • SIZE:W16.5 X L22 X H25

  • About George Sowden

    George Sowden was born in Leeds, UK. In 1970 he moved to work in Milan where he opened his own design and product development studio during 1979. In 1981 he was one of the founder members of Memphis and in 2010 he founded SOWDEN - his own-name brand. He has worked as a designer and product developer for many companies around the world. He cultivates a personal interest in working with craft and small industrial organisations, which together with his work related to pattern and decoration, goes back to the 1970s and continues today.