From Salt to Silver poetry and photography book by Ian McMillan and Ian Beesley (signed by Beesley & exclusive to Salts)


This beautiful and collectable small book is produced exclusively by Salts Mill, for Salts Mill in conjunction with our autumn 2017 exhibition, From Salt to Silver. Signed by the photographer, Ian Beesley.

The book features 8 brand new and hitherto unpublished poems by Ian McMillan, written in response to photographs of Salts Mill taken by his friend, the celebrated documentary photographer Ian Beesley. There are 23 of Beesley's photographs in the book, including the cover. The vast majority of them have never been published before.

In 1985 / 86 Beesley photographed Salts as it slowly shut down. In 2017 he returned, taking new images to exhibit alongside the old to create a body of work reflecting on change, humanity, hard work & pride. Many of the new pictures were shot in the same spaces as the old ones, with the same camera he used 3 decades ago. Beesley’s famous photo from ‘86 shows a boiler-suited quartet dismantling the very last loom in the building; his shot from today shows the space gleaming white as the canteen of a tec company. 

Approximate dimensions of this softcover staple-bound book are 14.6 cm wide and 21cm long.

(Please note, we are also selling a selection of images from this book as limited edition silver bromide prints, hand printed, signed and stamped by Ian Beesley in his darkroom. These are not for sale online, so if you're interested in buying one, please contact us.)

Details: Foreword by Ian Beesley. 34 pages of black and white photographs  by Beesley including 8 poems by Ian McMillan. Designed by Rachel Wilson, HelloWilson. Pubiished by Salts Estates Ltd, September 2017. Printed by Kolorco, Bradford on 170gsm Cyclus Offset, 100% recycled (cover) and 140gsm Cyclus Offset, 100% recycled (pages)