Bauhaus Composition Mondrian Wall Clock by Cloudnola


The Bauhaus movement was all about a geometric, abstract style void of emotion. Its clean, simple lines and refreshing aesthetic continue to influence architects, artists, and designers today. The Bauhaus wall clock is assembled by hand in Cloudnola's Netherlands studio, and features distinctive vintage-look hands.

Use as a wall clock for kitchen, living room clock, dining room clock, office clock, clock for bedroom or living room decor. To clean, dust gently with a soft Swiffer-style duster.

+ Solid metal frame
+ Glass lens
+ Non ticking silent quartz mechanism
+ Easy to hang
+ Completely cordless
+ Battery-operated
+ Uses 1 AA battery (not included)
+ Diam 45 cm / 18 inches
+ 1.5 kilos / 3.31 lbs