Chemex Coffee Maker (6 cup)


By: Chemex

The thing about the Chemex coffee maker so great is its no-nonsense simplicity: the perfect tailoring of form resulting in unparalleled function.

Simply fold a Chemex filter paper, scoop in your favourite ground coffee and add just boiled water. Gravity does the rest. 

The resulting brew is near perfect. Not bitter, no gritty sediment or unusual secondary flavours picked up from parts of a complex machine you are unable to clean properly (we hate those annoying machine parts!) This particular Chemex makes 6 cups at a time.

The Chemex is not a masterpiece designed by a world famous architect, but an unknown American chemist with a passion for good coffee and a lateral mind. It is not often that the world of science makes a splash in the world of design but thank goodness it has here.

6-cup Chemex of heat proof, laboratory grade, borosilicate glass with polished wood collar and leather tie designed by  Dr Peter Schlumbohm, PHD, 1941.... Fancy a coffee?

Box dimensions - 24.5 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm