Cuneus Picture Frame, des. Roger Pfund for Naef Spiele


Designed by Roger Pfund, the clever construction of the Cuneus Picture Frame by Naef Spiele brings a burst of colour alongside versatility to picture framing. Use the transparency of the two glass panes to celebrate summer by pressing wild flowers between them, frame your favourite postcard so that you can read the message as well as enjoying the picture, or frame your best family photograph. The Cuneus Picture Frame can be either hung up or placed on a shelf. 

Dimensions: 27.5 x 36.5 x 4.5 cm

About Roger Pfund: 

Born in 1943 in Bern (Switzerland), Pfund trained as a graphic artist at the Bern School of Applied Arts and with Kurt Wirth. From 1969 onwards he collaborated with his wife Elisabeth and founded the “Atelier Roger Pfund”. He has designed banknote series for various countries, posters and the Swiss passport, which has been valid since 2003. 

About Naef: 

Since 1954, we have been manufacturing wooden toys, not just for children, but for people of all ages. Our products range from baby toys to design objects to replicas of Bauhaus designs. Regardless of what we produce, one thing is clear: products adorned with the Naef logo stand for the highest in precision and quality.

Working in the field of toys and design is a wonderful way to earn a living. Here at Naef, our team is driven by remarkably creative people, innovative ideas and high-quality raw materials. Furthermore, we are a family-run company. In keeping with the philosophy of our founder Kurt Naef, high quality standards are central to everything we do.