Duckling - Magnetic Wooden Design Toy by FableWood


This little duckling is always in a remarkably good mood. No matter how many times it tumbles and falls it always keeps on duckin' in excellent spirits, full of pluck and confidence. 

The duckling comes in three pieces, each magnetic so you can pose your duckling however you like. Primarily decorative, due to the product's robustness and composition of magnets, it's also design you can play with - a sort of grown up design toy. It's made by  FableWood,  a Danish  design company who were born through a Kickstarter campaign. They plant 5 trees for every wooden animal they sell.  The pieces are made in Vietnam in a factory where the facilities and working environment live up to Danish standards, and they regularly introduce initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint.

Made from North American walnut and ash.

Dimensions (assembled): Height: 7,5cm, Length: 8,5cm