Environmental Wall Hanging, Love Heart - des. Alexander Girard, 1971 (made by Vitra)


Artist: Vitra

Wall hangings just feel so right, right now. This recently reissued authorised design by Alexander Girard has... well... really captured our hearts! 

Architect and designer Girard was one of the leading figures in American design during the postwar era. His passion for colours, patterns and textures found expression in the field of textile design, which was a focal part of his oeuvre.

Beginning in 1971, Girard developed a series of screen printed graphics on fabric to add a touch of human warmth and emotion to office environments: the Environmental Enrichment Panels. For these designs, he showed a preference for abstract graphic patterns or figurative subjects based on such timeless themes as love, peace and freedom. With a multitude of diverse and inspiring motifs, the large wall panels were also frequently used in private interiors.

These panels have been reissued by Vitra in cooperation with the Girard Studio run by Alexander Girard's heirs. Metal rods are fitted at the top and bottom of each panel for easy installation. Thanks to these features, the Environmental Wall Hangings provide a simple way to bring a unique, decorative accent to any room.

860 mm high. Width of hanging is 800, the hanging rods take this width to 830mm. 

Motif:  screen printed design on linen-cotton blend (75% linen, 25% cotton).
Hanging rods:  steel; incl. assembly materials.

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