Hashim & Family by Shahnaz Ahsan - signed 1st edition hardback


Author: Shahnaz Ashan

This hardback 1st edition copy of Hashim & Family has been signed by the author, Shahnaz Ahsan. It's a tale of family ties, of migration and of a connection to home. Nominated for the 2020 Guardian Not the Booker prize, this is the debut of an extraordinary newYorkshire talent.

Introducing Hashim, Munira, Rufikul and Helen. 

It is New Year's Eve, 1959, and Hashim has left behind his homeland and his new wife, Munira, to seek his fortune in England. His cousin and only friend, Rofikul, introduces Hashim to life in Manchester - including Rofikul's girlfriend, Helen. When Munira arrives, the group must learn what it is to be a family. 

Ten years later, war breaks out in East Pakistan. The struggle for liberation and the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation has unanticipated affects on those so far from the country they grew up in, and causes them to recognise the most important thing about home is those who share it with you.

Spanning twenty years and two countries, Hashim & Family is the story of migration and belonging, of the notion of home and the bond of kinship.

Told over two decades, Hashim & Family  follows the lives of two cousins, Hashim and Rofikul as they arrive in the UK in 1960 from (what was then) East Pakistan to begin a new life in Manchester. Based on writer Shahnaz’s own family’s oral histories, Hashim & Family is a personal migrant experience told with beauty and insight - Stylist

A story of quiet striving and determination, of love and friendship - Guardian

  • Hardcover : 400 pages
  • Dimensions : 16 x 4 x 23.8 cm