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Help the Witch by Tom Cox (paperback)


Author: Tom Cox

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A far cry from his jaunty travel writing and wistful memoir, Help the Witch sees Tom Cox hewing to the darker end of traditional folk tale and creating something uniquely disquieting. These ten stories abound in the sinister mysteries of the natural world, taking creatures and relics from the collective imagination and reshaping them into a singular, ominous vision.

As night draws through country lanes, and darkness sweeps across hills and darkness sweeps across hills and hedgerows, shadows appear where figures are not; things do not remain in their places; a new home is punctured by abandoned objects; a watering hole conceals depths greater than its swimmers can fathom.

Riddled with talismans and portents, saturated by shadows beneath trees and whispers behind doors, these ten stories broaden the scope of folk tales as we know them. Inspired by our native landscapes and traversing boundaries of the past and future, this collection is Tom Cox's first foray into fiction. Funny, strange and poignant, it elicits the unexpected and unseen to raise our hackles and set imaginations whirring.


Publisher: Unbound 
Number of pages: 256 
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 25 mm 
Edition: 2nd edition