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‘I’ve Lived in East London for 86 ½ Years’ by Martin Usborne (hardback)


A beautiful book to give as a gift -hardcover, quarter-bound cloth spine, gold foiled, rather covetable. 

Joseph Markovitch has left London only once to go to the seaside with his mother. He loves Nicolas Cage, has five sugars in his tea, would have married a six foot two Hispanic woman but in the end had such bad chest catarrh he never had a girlfriend.

Martin Usborne is a photographer and writer living in Hackney, East London and is also the co-founder and creative director of Hoxton Mini Press. He takes portraits, sometimes of people, often of animals and has had his work in galleries around the world. 

Published by Hoxton Mini Press, who are not a giant boardroom with suits and boots but  Ann and Martin (and their two dogs, Moose and Bug) a proud micro-indie publisher from East London making collectable photography books. Their goal is to bring photobooks to a wider audience... and make them so beautiful you'll keep them for your grandchildren.

In an age when everything is virtual, the book as an object is more important than ever. But all too often big art books are aloof and expensive. They want to
make books that both the collector and the non-specialist can enjoy  and that everyone can afford. 

96pp hardcover, quarter-bound cloth spine, gold foiled, 119 x 139 mm