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Input Organiser des. Anne Hom & Sigrid Smetana for Woud


By: Woud

A very pleasing piece of Danish design made from solid, untreated oak, Input  encourages calm to reign in your working spaces. Orderly queue please, desperate WFHers! 

Input is a flexible organiser with eight movable boxes in different dimensions and shapes. Allowing you to create the exact expression you want - matching your needs and taste. The softness of the oak complement the graphic and angular lines of the organiser and pockets. The design is a perfect solution to organise small everyday essentials in the hallway, office or bedroom.

Height: 440mm

Width / depth: 65mm

Length: 660mm

Weight (unboxed): 3.50 kg

Material: Solid untreated oak

About the designers, Anne Holm & Sigrid Smetana:
Two Danish designers. The duo has studied architecture and design at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark. With a focus on craftsmanship, their work is characterised by simple and playful solutions. The designs are based on the importance of functionality making thee details more interesting and expressive.