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Kitchen Roll Holder (black / oak) by LINDDNA



Cometh beauty, cometh order! 

A minimal, durable design for the kitchen. Recycled leather encases the kitchen roll holder and gives it a soft, yet durable and cleaning-friendly surface. Everything is handmade – even the wood stock made of oak that beautifully completes the design. The wood stock ensures a functional closing mechanism that makes it easy to change the kitchen towel. This kitchen roll holder can be used either standing upright on your table, or  mounted on the wall with the enclosed bracket. All items necessary for mounting are included.

Size: 24cm x 13 cm 
Designed and made in Denmark
Lind DNA are all about choosing the right thing when we decide what we want to surround ourselves with, and not just about buying new things for the sake of it. That's why they work sustainably at several levels. They create products, often with multiple features, in a classic, basic design that fit into most devices. They provide products with great usability and long service life. They design and produce locally in Denmark, focussing on high-level sustainability.