Leaf Cleaning Brush (for houseplants) by Burstenhaus Redecker


Dust often collects on houseplants, especially those with large leaves such as the fiddle-leaf fig, monstera and yucca, making the leaves appear dull and colourless. By pressing the two goat hair brushes together with the stainless steel tongs and passing them over the leaves, it is possible to eradicate the dust and make the leaves shine! Dating back to the 19th century orangeries of William 1, Burstenhaus Redecker redeveloped this model based on old patterns.

Materials: oiled pearwood and stainless steel with goat hair bristles

Size: approx 35 cm

Burstenhaus Redecker have been making this stuff since 1935. Too fine for machine production, too elegant to be altered, and too popular to do without. Each item is a unique piece with a history of its own.