Less Is More - Mies van der Rohe Quote Tote Bag


"Less is more” - so said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), himself a God of twentieth century architecture. This  simple black tote is a celebration of Mies and his famous dictum. 

Architect Jim Eyre of Wilkinson Eyre summed up the importance of this and Mies's other famous words, 'God is in the details", rather nicely in a 2001 essay. To Eyre, the quotes  "reveal the absolute nature of Mies's architecture, which displays such clarity that our perception of his buildings is elevated to an almost spiritual experience. There is also a strong hint that working out details requires great application."

Less is more, but obviously mess is more on the inside of this bag ! Tote bag screen printed in black on a black cotton. Light, convenient and archicool, you can take it everywhere.

Content : 1 black tote bag screen printed
Material : cotton fabric 140 gr
Dimensions : 35x40 cm