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Make Your Own Running Dog - Wooden Automata Kit


These are tremendously popular with customers in the bookshop - we've added them online this Christmas so everyone has a chance to enjoy these stimulating kits. 
Automata are whimsical mechanical toys that have a a cool, life-like movement when their crank is turned. With legs that move up and down, this running dog automata runs like the wind as it moves forwards and back in a graceful action!  Bring to life the wonder of your own automata that you can decorate.  Paint it to resemble your favourite cartoon dog or a dog you own.  All the fun without the humiliated real dog. 
  • Great educational kit for ages 8+
  • All pieces are pre-cut and ready to go, onl a ruler and scissors required
  • Easy to make in about an hour by beginner model makers.
  • Natural untreated wood and plywood.
  • Designed for kids of all ages to explore the principles of mechanics, get some hands-on model making skills and have a dog they don't need to clear up after! 

About the manufacturer:

Pathfinders designs and manufactures wooden science kits for educational and recreational use. They're based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. They spend time with kids in schools, making and using the kits to see how well they deliver curriculum for teachers, and to make sure they're engaging and appropriate for both fun play and educational aspects. And they definitely are! Pathfinders aims to provide such fun and interesting kits that they will be an attractive and desirable toy for anyone from a small child, to an executive planning a friendly take over.

Pathfinders are members of One Percent for the Planet, donating 1% of sales to protect, and enhance the natural environment.