Mr. Wattson table lamp - black & brass


Meet Mr. Wattson®. He's a light you can bend and pose. His Vespa- inspired lamp has a powerful LED bulb that will brighten any room. His 139 glass dimples create an inviting ambience.

Designed by Soyee Studio for Piffany Copenhagen Mr Wattson is made of ash wood and high-grade metal alloy.

Mr. Wattson® noticed that humans sometimes don themselves in shiny metals. “Why can’t I?” And so in this incarnation he has an elegant band of brass around his head. 

Material: Ash Wood | Aluminum | Metal
Dimensions: W15.5 x D27.6 x H18 ~ 40cm
Bulb: 3W G4 LED (incl.)
Cable: 2,2m Cotton Brown