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Musee des Vosges (Konskie II, Polish village 1971), 1983 poster by Frank Stella


Artist: Frank Stella

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This poster, printed in 1983, features the stellar work of Frank Stella. 

It reproduces an image of Konskie II, Polish village 1971. This piece by Italian American Stella was inspired by the gift of a book from US Jewish architect Richard Meier. Meier gave Stella a copy of Wooden Synagogues by Maria and Kazimierz Piechotka, Jewish architecture experts, and veterans of the Warsaw uprising. The book catalysed 100 works by Stella, known as his Polish Village series.

As Phaidon publishers comment, "These angular, panelled works... aren’t simple commemorations of these lost buildings, but a far more scholarly examination of the flow of culture. “These synagogues were destroyed during the war, and there were two things interesting about them,” explained Stella during a 2016 lecture in Havana... “One was that there was a kind of geometry in the construction... interlocking parts that are interesting as a kind of geometry. The other thing that was compelling was that the trace of the destruction of these synagogues was from Berlin to Warsaw to Moscow. The development of abstraction in the twentieth century traces that same path, from Moscow to Warsaw to Berlin and back.”

One of the greatest living and most influential American artists, Stella was born in Malden, Massachusetts in 1936. The spotlight fell on him in the 60s and it has stayed put ever since as Stella has tirelessly experimented with scale, form, colour, depth, texture and material to create an extraordinary range of work. 

Approximate dimensions: 27 x 37 in; 69.5 x 95.5 cm

This is an archive / vintage poster, printed in 1980, now collectable and in short supply. Our stock of it is sold as new. Given its age the condition is fair. Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. We send out posters rolled in tubes.