Picto watch - blue rotating dial, midnight blue bio based TPU strap


By: Picto

With simply a dot and a line, PICTO® challenges the idea of a classic watch, showing time in the most minimalistic way. Designed in Denmark in the 80's it is still contemporary centuries later and loved by people of all ages and nationalities. No wonder PICTO® is called an icon among watches.

This PICTO wrist watch comes with a blue dial and a matching midnight blue Bio based TPU strap. The dial on this watch is 34 mm and the case is solid stainless steel with hardened mineral glass.

Size: 34 mm

Dial Colour: Midnight Blue

Bezel: Polished Gold

Strap Material: BIO based TPU strap

Strap Width: 14 mm 

Strap Colour: Midnight Blue 

Movement: Miyoto