Chameleon Dots Vase (RIC 04) des. Andrea Mancuso / Analogia project for Nuoveforme - exclusive


By: noun

We're the only UK stockist of Nuoveforme, who produced this stunning handmade Italian vase. Nuoveforme started up in 1993 by a group including the granddaughter of the great ceramicist Alvino Bagni, whose work inspires their output. 

This piece, inspired by the wonder of the chameleon, has been designed by
Andrea Mancuso, reinterpreting a hand-decorated finish created by Bagni in the 1970s.
Mancuso was inspired by Nuoveforme's "enormous archive of colours, finishes...
and technical secrets. This always allows us to experiment with new possibilities."
Mancuso has worked for the likes of Hermes, Fendi, Dried and Bulgari -
he's one to watch, working on this particular project at the instigation of Will Alsop.

RIC-04 36 cm H x 19 Ø
Dots: Orange, ochre, light blue and petrol blue
Bottom: Brown