S230 S Series Dining Chair des. J & S Reid, 1960 (made by Nathan Furniture)


An elegant, simple, iconic furniture design typical of the new design direction of sixties which tried to redefine both function and form. The metal framed dining chair has a beautifully contoured tactile African Walnut seatback and a slender curved seat pad upholstered in full grain black or cream leather.

With swivel feet specifically designed by John and Sylvia Reid for stability, the chairs have a brushed satin nickel metalwork finish in keeping with the other items in the range.

Seen here in African Walnut with brushed satin nickel finish and black leather seat, price £449 plus postage which is calculated at checkout. Also available to order with cream leather seat,  email thehome@saltsmill.org.uk / call 01274 531163 

Height 760mm Width 430mm Depth 460mm Seat Height 425mm Seat Dimensions 360mm

About John and Sylvia Reid

John and Sylvia Reid's most enduring designs were those they created for Stag during their 10-year alliance with the British furniture manufacturer. Their initial range of bedroom furniture was selected for the Design Index by the Council of Industrial Design.

The Reid's first range of living and dining furniture, created in 1960, was the S-Range. It took its inspiration from the prevailing Scandinavian designers of the time and included low slung cabinets in teak with projecting ‘tab’ handles and V-shaped legs in nickel-plated stainless steel. This look and style has become one of the most enduring to come out of the era, with original pieces now being on-trend collectors’ items.

The S-Range was described as having, “simplicity of statement, and an intelligent approach to flexibility (making it) one of the outstanding furniture ranges of the year,” by Design magazine in 1960.

Nathan Furniture have worked with John and Sylvia Reid's son Dominic to reproduce these 60s designs to exacting standards.