Suede Rubber by Burstenhaus Redecker


Not only an essential part of your shoe care-kit, this versatile suede rubber can be used to remove dirt and stains on both suede shoes and a host of other surfaces.  

Application examples:

Textile/shoe care: Spots and dirt on suede.

Removing lime deposits: Basins, bathtubs and ceramic bidets.

Removing dirt/scaling: Irons, cooking pots, grills, stovetops, tile grout

Rust removal: Cars, motorcycles, tools, scissors

Materials: silicone

Size: approx 3 x 5 x 2 cm

Burstenhaus Redecker have been making this stuff since 1935. Too fine for machine production, too elegant to be altered, and too popular to do without. Each item is a unique piece with a history of its own.