That Red One (1944) poster by Arthur Garfield Dove


We love this bold, bright image, painted by Dove (1880-1946) in 1944 as he was in the grip of serious illness and had resolved, as he recorded in a diary entry of 1942, to work at the “point where abstraction and reality meet.” 

A friend and ally of Georgia O'Keefe, Dove's continued to grow after his death.  As Jessica Murphy writes on the website of the Met Museum, New York, Dove 'has been credited with exercising an indirect influence on the first generation of Abstract Expressionists such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, who placed similar emphasis on the artist’s subjective experience of his surroundings and on the intrinsic emotional power of colour and line.'

Approximate dimensions: 80cm x 60cm 

This authorised poster is produced by the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, US, where the original oil and wax on canvas lives.