The Colouring Toy des. Charles & Ray Eames, 1955



Charles and Ray Eames created The Colouring Toy in 1955 to stimulate creativity in children. As the open-ended instructions say, "The purpose of The Colouring Toy is to provide a sort of jet assist into a world of colour, drawing, shapes and play. This is a world discovered and rediscovered by all children and is their own to create. The Coloring Toy does not presume to make artists out of children or to teach them how to play (children are far ahead of us on both counts). But we do hope that the contents of this box and the clues it offers will stimulate the use of these and other materials in an ever expanding variety of ways." 

Contains 16 premium crayons and butterfly clips - please note butterfly clips are small and  are a choking hazard, meaning this product is not suitable for under-3s, or indeed over 3s with a tendency to put things in their mouth. 

Packaging: 53 x19 x3 cm

Material: Paper & Cardboard from sustainably managed forests. Made in Europe

CR 6