Us by Zaffar Kunial (signed 1st edition)


Author: Zaffar Kunial

We are delighted to offer these signed first editions of Us by the brilliant poet Zaffar Kunial - especially delighted as some of the poems in this superb collection were worked on and revised here at Salts Mill, in the Diner next to the bookshop. 

Already an acknowledged star of the Faber New Poets scheme, Kunial has won admirers in such measure as to ensure that Us is one of the most anticipated debuts in recent times. Across its pages, he vocalises what it means to be a human being planting your two feet upon the dizzying earth – and he does so delicately, urgently, intimately – in some of the most original and touching ways that you will read.

From the beginning, the poet was a wanderer, a storyteller, an imaginer of bridges between worlds. Zaffar Kunial is just such a poet and guide for us today. Yet his territory extends much further afield than those of the past – through Kashmir, where his father was born and now lives, to the Midlands of his mother's birth, and further north to ancestors in Orkney, as well as through language, memory and time.