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Poisonous Plants Tumbler Drinking Glass by Cognitive Surplus


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This Poisonous Plants Drinking Glass is perfect for enjoying a relaxing botanical elixir. Whatever your pleasure, let this glass inspire deep thoughts on plants and fungi – deadly and otherwise.

Designed in shapes inspired by laboratory glassware, these tumblers from Cognitive Surplus have elegant lines and a comfortable hand-feel.

Cognitive Surplus were established in a tiny NYC apartment in 2013 with the objective of designing and making sustainable goods to celebrate science. They've since traded Manhattan for Central Oregon's high desert, but their mission has stayed the same: to design and build goods that show off the beauty of science while trying to leave the world just a little better than they found it. 

Style: Tumbler Drinking Glass

Material: Glass

Dimensions: Height 15.1 cm, Bottom Diameter 7.9 cm, Top Diameter 7.2 cm 

Care: Dishwasher safe