Martha's Vineyard and Other Places: My Third Sketchbook from the Summer of 1982 by David Hockney (printed in 1985)


Author: David Hockney

A beautiful, intimate and rather hard-to-get-hold-of facsimile of one of David Hockney's sketchbooks, Martha's Vineyard was printed in 1985 and is complete with all manner of beautiful images of people and places, plus the odd doodled phone number and diary date! The images in the photos are just a small selection of the contents. 

In 'Martha's Vineyard' David Hockney writes about his post-polaroid work, when he returned to the methods instilled in him from his training at Bradford School of Art: never be without a sketchbook, always use it, and always keep it.

The text is edited by Nikos Stangos, who writes "There is no limit to the delight created by an artist's exuberance; it gives us the pleasure of seeing what is in front of our eyes as if for the first time. A sketchbook may hold even greater delights,because it reveals the artist's mind and eye at work without deliberation as to the final result or self-consciousness." 

Our stock is sold as new - that's to say although this book was printed in 1985, it has not been pre-owned and is not on the secondary market. 

Hockney's sketches, discussed in the accompanying softback text, are entitled: 

My House in Los Angeles 
La Guardia airport 
a cabin by the lake at Skowhegan 
Slow driving on the way to Skewhegan airport 
Gregory Evans 
Martha's Vineyard - interior of Dagny Corcoran's house 
My hand holding pens 
Looking out the window at Martha's Vineyard - aerial view 
A pile of books and map of Cape Cod bay 
A Visit with Christopher and Don - Santa Monica Canyon 1984 
All about wood 
Little Timmy 
Whicker chairs on the terrace 
Pinewood pillars and bold pattern - drawn with a brush 
The terrace in colour 
Lipton Tea - drawing in a linear way with pen 
My bedroom 
Beginning one way and changing into something else 
A new face from an ink blot 
A little black figure to make a mad scale 
Boy in baseball cap wearing Adidas sweatshirt and shoes 
Marks to make a figure - then a building 
Gregory getting a haircut 
Bryce Canyon Utah 
Motel room Utah 
Henry Geldzahler's sitting room - Southampton 
Henry Geldzahler 
Zyon Canyon and Bryce Canyon Utah

  • Hardcover: 152 pages
  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 2.6 x 22 x 31 cm