David Hockney A Normandie Catalogue - 2 volume catalogue including full accordion-folded frieze


Author: David Hockney

This absolutely superb 2-volume bilingual (English & German) catalogue,  includes a full accordion-folded frieze of A Year in Normandie itself. It has been produced by Museum Würth 2 in Künzelsau, Germany to celebrate their exhibition of A Year in Normandie in dialogue with other works by Mr Hockney from the Würth Collection. We have very few of these books left. 

The larger volume includes an introduction by David Hockney and an interview between the artist and Cécile Debray who curated the first exhibition of A Year in Normandie at the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris. There is also an excellent essay by eminent art historian Marco Livingstone entitled "David Hockney's Norman conquest."

As well as the frankly breathtaking fold-out of the whole frieze, the larger volume contains 28 pages of bilingual text in total with English & German side by side. 

The second, slimmer volume (56 pages) catalogues the other Hockney works in the Museum Würth 2 show, including many created in Yorkshire. The text is  bilingual (English & German) and has an introduction by C. Sylvia Weber, director of the Würth collection. 

First produced in 2023.