A Bigger Book (Limited Edition Collector's Edition, signed by David Hockney)


Author: David Hockney

A Bigger Book, David Hockney's sumptuous, super-sized 'Sumo' monograph, is a spectacular overview of more than 60 years of Hockney’s incredible work. We are delighted to be selling the Collectors Edition of 9000 copies, each signed by David Hockney

It took the artist and coeditor Hans Werner Holzwarth over a year to select and sequence the more than 450 works for this purely visual trip through the Hockney's oeuvre on 500 pages, building a dozen different book dummies, proofing the colours in several rounds to make sure all images are meticulously printed. The result of their labours shows many major paintings alongside drawings, photo-composites, multi-perspective collages, stage designs, multi-camera video works, and iPad drawings, each a panoply of looking and showing in different styles and media.

Presented on a bookstand designed by the acclaimed industrial designer Marc Newson, A Bigger Book is itself an art object. It is perfect for studying Hockney’s art in every detail, in every stroke of the brush, and perfect for living with the works of the greatest artist of our time.

Currently we can only ship Sumos purchased online within the UK. We are however delighted send Sumos abroad and can arrange international shipping. If you'd like to buy A Bigger Book to send outside the UK, email onlineshop@saltsmill.org.uk. For orders in the UK you are most welcome to get in touch too, should you prefer humans to keyboards. 

Hardcover, 50 x 70cm, 498 pages, 13 fold-outs, with an adjustable bookstand designed by Marc Newson, plus an illustrated 680-page chronology. Language: English.

Bookstand Measurements

  • Distance between each leg: 86 cm (34 in.)
  • Platform: 78 x 62.5 cm (31 x 27 in.)
  • Height when positioned horizontally: 90 cm (35 in.)
  • Height when in display position: back 98 cm (39 in.), front 83 cm (33 in.)