Kitty North Book by Kitty North


Author: Kitty North

"When I think of Kitty's work I think of paint - paint as something pure and existing in and of itself... Kitty's quest or journey with paint is moving to me because it has never ceased, never compromised, never hesitated or turned back" - Ralph Fiennes.

After her show 'Daring to Dream' at Salts in 2017, Kitty North decided it was time to take stock of her career to date. Kitty North Book is her way of explaining herself, her art and her process.

A selection of recent paintings are shown in full colour under the themes of Landscapes, People, Houses, Watercolours, Abstracts and Creatures.  Paintings from  'Daring to Dream' are also included. The foreword is by actor and director Ralph Fiennes, who attended Chelsea School of Art with North. There is also an essay by Zoe Silver and some photographs of the artist at work. 

Softcover, 106 pages. All images in full colour. 

Approximate dimensions: 24cm x 24cm; 9mm deep on the spine.

Published by Swan Mead 2018; printed in Bradford, West Yorkshire