Content + Context Poster by David Hockney


Artist: David Hockney

A long and thin poster with a dream-like quality. The image is David Hockney's photographic 'joiner' entitled ' Walking Past Le Rossignol' which tries to capture the physical experience of his set for the Stravinsky opera. The poster was printed in 1985 to promote an event at The College at New Paltz, State University of New York. 

Approximate dimensions: 101 x 49.5

We have a number of archive joiner posters available - search 'joiner' and you'll see this varied and inspiring group. The passing of time has made them feel smarter and sharper than ever.  Consider a collection of these posters hung together, salon style, on a large expanse of wall. 

This is an authorised David Hockney poster. It's an archive / vintage poster, printed in the 1985, now collectible and in short supply. Our stock of it is sold as new.  Given its age the condition is very, very good  Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.