David Hockney: A Bigger Picture


This is a DVD of Bruno Wollheim's film, following David Hockney as he paints in the Yorkshire Wolds. It was nominated for an International Emmy and a Grierson Award in 2010, and won the Best Essay category at FIFA Montreal the same year.

Filmed over three years, the documentary is an unprecedented record of a major artist at work. It captures David Hockney's return to England after 25 years in California. As he approaches the age of 70, he decides to re-invent his painting from scratch, working through the seasons and in all weathers out in the Yorkshire countryside - ending up with the largest picture ever made outdoors. It is at once the story of a homecoming and an intimate portrait of what inspires and motivates today's greatest living British-born artist as time runs out.

Designed to appeal to art lovers and students alike, the DVD Extras contain over an hour of bonus material. They bring sharp and often startling insights to David Hockney's creative and working methods.

Reviews of the documentary:

The Sunday Times: "We will keep coming back to this wonderful film, it will be of lasting importance for future generations who want to understand Hockney's art" .

The Observer: "an unqualified, life-enhancing joy from start to finish."

The Times: "This impressive documentary is almost cinematic in its scope... both majestic and intimate"