All Plastic Chair (buttercup yellow) des Jasper Morrison, 2016 (made by Vitra)


By: Vitra

The All Plastic Chair is reminiscent of the simple, classic wooden chairs that have been common in Europe for many decades, but its performance and appearance have been significantly enhanced by adapting the design to an alternative material.

The flattened forms of the frame are moulded in a single piece, while the thin seat surface is organically shaped and the backrest more finely modelled than the back support of conventional wooden chairs. As a result, the All Plastic Chair is compact and graceful, and the combination of plastic components makes it extraordinarily comfortable. Whereas the frame consists of a rigid high-strength polypropylene, the seat and backrest can adapt to the contours of the sitter's body. The backrest is connected to the frame by twin shafts cushioned with rubber buffers, which allow it to flex gently in response to the sitter's movements, further enhancing the chair's comfort.

The combination of two types of plastic also offers new possibilities for the colour scheme: the All Plastic Chair is exclusively available with a 'two-tone' palette pairing frames in a slightly darker shade with seats and backrests in a lighter nuance of the same hue. This interplay of colours lends the chair a distinctive look and transports its classic shape into a contemporary context. 

Thanks to the use of high-performance plastics that are resistant to sunlight and water, the All Plastic Chair is a robust, durable chair for indoor and outdoor settings. It is an excellent choice for home dining rooms as well as cafés, restaurants and other public venues.

Dimensions: 42.5cm wide, 42.5cm deep, 77cm high, seat height 44.5cm

Pictured in 'Buttercup Yellow'.  Many other colours available, please contact us for details or visit our expert staff in store. 

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About Jasper Morrison

Morrison is one of the most acclaimed designers of our age. He lives and works in London and Tokyo. His designs are expressions of the ‘super normal’ design philosophy: rather than seeking unusual or extravagant results, he often breathes new life into proven solutions by means of reinterpretation, further development and refinement. 

About Vitra

Founded as a family firm in Switzerland in the 1950s, Vitra has grown into one of the worlds most prestigious furniture manufacturers, working with the best designers and creating outstanding products around the world.