Penguin by Hans Bunde (Small)


Hans Bunde originally created Penguin in 1954, one for each of his sisters. Penguin is available in a family of two sizes, small and large, and it is made of beech wood. The hand-painted back represents the gracious plumage of the bird, whereas the unpainted chest reveals the natural qualities of the wood. Penguin is beautifully produced by Architect Made. 

Material: Beech wood
Dimensions:  18 cm high (large and mini penguins also available, please see separate product entries - they look gorgeous together.) 

About Hans Bunde

Hans Bunde (1919-1996) was a highly skilled Danish silversmith.  He graduated from the internationally renowned Cohr Silver and designed a vast variety of products in collaboration with Cohr where he was the main designer.

Stock: BU60