calm, 2016 (clown shoes) poster by Ugo Rondinone - limited edition of 100 numbered copies


Artist: Ugo Rondinone

We love Rondinone's hanging clown shoes, exuding a sense of stillness, calm and maybe sorrow, whilst quietly waiting for the clown’s next performance to begin. The mixed emotions of life, Rondinone-style. This numbered, limited edition poster of calm, a work made from artificially aged clown shoes of leather, wooden nail, paint, was created by the Kunsthalle Helsinki for Rondinone's 2019 show everyone gets lighter. 

International art star Rondinone works across a wide range of contemporary mediums including sculpture, painting, audio, video and photography. He combines conceptualism with elements of Pop Art, reflecting on everyday events that often convey a contemplative, existential dimension. Through seemingly mundane elements, he delves into profound conceptual depths of the psyche and emotion. His work is fuelled by the belief that art should accessible to everyone regardless of their age or background - and we agree with Ugo! 

Ugo Rondinone, calm, 2016 - Special Edition poster series of limited and numbered 100 copies. Printed on Matte paper 140g. Produced by Taidehalli Editions, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland. 

Approximate dimensions: 50 x 70cm

Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.