Kitchen Chair / Küchenstuhl 1965 print by Gerhard Richter - edition of 500


This stunning Richter print, beautifully produced in Germany, is a limited edition of 500 copies. It shows his Küchenstuhl, 1965 (Kitchen Chair)

Please note, the pictures show the image on the print. The poster itself has a plain white border. 

Richter took the photograph from which he painted this picture himself - unusual, as many of his photographs have been found materials. He was searching for images of banal objects to paint as he continued to create "photo-paintings" as part of his wrestling with the question of how to make painting matter after its apparent death. As his website states, "The painting Kitchen Chair joins other early works by the artist that take banal everyday objects as subjects, in the tradition of Pop Art. Painting after models, as Richter does here, restricts the artist's creative process and therefore moves the focus onto the painterly quality of the pictures."

Image format: 54 x 67.7 cm
Sheet format: 60 x 80 cm

5-colour hybrid print on 260g Rives handmade paper
Limited edition: 500 copies

© Gerhard Richter 2023 (22032023)