Aldo Rossi, Teatro del Mondo, Venezia Analoga, 1981 poster


Artist: Aldo Rossi

Dream the dream with the great Italian architect Aldo Rossi. This large square poster shows his floating Teatro del Mondo, created for the Biennale. The  wooden-clad octagonal Teatro recalled the floating cities of a vanished Venetian history and put the international spotlight on Aldo Rossi.

Built in the Fushina shipyards in the late 70s, towed into Venice by tugboat and anchored at Punta della Dogana, the teatro then sailed across the Adriatic. This was an architectural meditation on the history and identity of Venice. 

Approximate dimensions: 84.1 x 84.1cm

About Aldo Rossi 

Pritzker prize winner Rossi (1931-1997) was an architect, designer and theorist who embraced big ideas. “One can say that the city itself is the collective memory of its people, and like memory it is associated with objects and places. The city is the locus of the collective memory ” - Aldo Rossi