COVID-19 Update: Due to high demand, your orders may take longer than usual to reach you (delays do not apply to reserve & collect.) Thank you for your understanding. For more details please see our delivery page.
April 15th, 2022
Dear Customers,
Welcome to our site and thank you for visiting! 
Covid-19 - along with all the different flavours of international disruption that Planet Earth is experiencing right now - means that the state of the shipping market is ever-changing and parcels get delivered slowly these days. The UK delivery network is experiencing sporadic delays as staff continue to get ill with Covid and outbreaks spread quickly. Couriers working on E.U and international orders are operating with unpredictable time lags. E.U customers may find it takes 4 weeks to get an order they would have got within days pre-Brexit and pre-Covid. 
E.U customers should be aware that customs charges and taxes may now be payable via the courier in your home country. The charges will depend on the rules where you live, and many EU parcels are being delayed at customs with - guess what - Covid compacting those delays. 
Thank so you so much for your patience. 
Local? You can reserve and collect. If you select this option we’ll be in touch to tell you when your things are ready and where to come and get them.
There are lots of things for sale in our galleries, bookshops and The Home that aren’t listed on this site. If you want any of those things please email and we’ll do our best to help.
With very best wishes and sincere thanks for your orders - we appreciate every single one, 
From all at Salts xxx