Vase with Reacting Enamels (ABA 9) by Nuove Forme (exclusive)


We're the only UK stockists Nuove Forme, who produced this stunning handmade Italian vase. 

Nuove Forme started up in 1993 by a group including the granddaughter of the great ceramicist Alvino Bagni, whose work they set out to celebrate, reproduce and reinterpret for our times.  

This pattern is the result of Nuove Forme's research into the techincally tricky area of matt reacting glazes. The production process of the ABA 9 features the use of materials such as iron oxides and zinc that during the firing trigger unique and original reactions. The brown pittings give a special character to the design and perfectly match with the pale light blue background. 

Matt Light Blue reacting enamel with brown pittings on semi-matt background
Approx dimensions in cm: 20 H x 24 D