Arata Isozaki: Project for New Tokyo City Hall, 1986 poster


Artist: Arata Isozaki

A super-cool large poster showing an elevation and plan of Isozaki's design for the New Tokyo City Hall. 

Spring '86 was, perhaps, a bit of a downer for Arata Isozaki - he didn't win the big competition to design City Hall. Actually, his old boss Kenzo Tange won instead. But on PlanetArchitecture folks thought his entry was the most exciting by far. Isozaki's designs were submitted as silkscreen prints, one of which is redrawn on this poster.  The power of those designs kept increasing as the years have passed. Since then, Isozaki has built dreamscapes worldwide, won the Pritzker Prize and become a true starchitect. Moral? Sometimes it really is the taking part that counts. 

Approximate dimensions: 100 x 68.7cm