Ball wall clock (brass and black) des. George Nelson, 1948 - 1960 (made by Vitra)


By: Vitra

A midcentury classic in brass and black, created  by the great George Nelson. 

Nelson was first commissioned to create a collection of clocks in 1947. He  analysed how people used clocks and concluded that they read the time by discerning the relative position of the hands, which made the use of numbers unnecessary. Furthermore, since most people wore wristwatches, he assumed that clocks had become more of a decorative element for interiors. However to us, Nelson's clocks have become design classics because they're beautiful and useful. And we hate, hate, hate looking at our phones when we want to know what time it is! This is an infinitely more stylish and civilised solution.

Hand made and hand assembled to exacting standards by Vitra. High quality quartz movement,  1.5 volt battery included. Materials: various types of wood  (of Polish origin) and metal.

33 cm / 13 inch diameter