Bird - Large, Smoked Oak - des. Kristian Vedel, 1959


Kristian Vedel's iconic BIRD is the essence of Danish design. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction. BIRD can express happiness, sadness, and curiosity, living alone or together as a family. The body can also be turned upside down resembling different body types. 

Handmade in oak, its eyes are inserted with wenge wood and maple wood. Produced by Architectmade. 

Material and Finish: Oak wood, Smoked
Approximate dimensions:   W7.10 cm,  Height 17 cm

About Kristian Vedel
Point of view and empathy define the work of Vedel. Greatly influenced by Kaare Klint, the father of modern Danish furniture design, as well as the German Bauhaus school, his now-classic modern designs are characterised by a creative use of materials, especially plastics and wood, and with a strong sense for ergonomic and functional requirements.

In an interview he famously stated, “The starting point for an architect’s work must always be that he, from his own point of view, and as objectively as possible, takes a position with regard to what he perceives as the needs of society and his fellow man; he must personally take a stand with regards to existing possibilities and responsibilities.”