Diabolix Bottle opener - Black - des. Biagio Cisotti for Alessi


By: Alessi

There is nothing devilish about opening a bottle (far from it!), so feel no shame when reaching for Cisotti's eye-catching Diabolix Bottle Opener. The little devil's teeth grab onto the bottle top and pull it free, whilst the body crafted from thermoplastic resin is easy to hold with an ergonomic design.

Playful on the drinks tray, the Diabolix is also available in red from saltsmillshop. 

About the CSA: 

The Alessi Research Centre (CSA) was set up in 1990 for two purposes: to draw up theoretical papers on topics associated with objects (to be published as books), and to coordinate work with young designers. "Up until that time Alessi had only worked with 'major designers', and I felt a certain degree of responsibility towards young, upcoming designers." - Alberto Alessi

About Biagio Cisotti: 

Born in Puglia in 1955, Cisotti works and lives in Florence where he graduated in Architecture in 1980. Since 1989 he has taught Technology of Production at the I.S.I.A. (Superior Institute for the Artistical Industries) in Florence. Together with a group of architects from Florence he founded MADE in 1990; a cultural association and a display area promoting initiatives of architecture and design.