Boy Hidden in an Egg poster by David Hockney (Galerie Der Speigel, 1970)


Artist: David Hockney

The etching reproduced on this poster is The Boy Hidden in an Egg by David Hockney from his Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm1969. The poster was first printed for an exhibition at Galerie Der Speigel, Cologne, and then reprinted by Petersburg Press in 1981.

The British Council summarises this particular Grimm's fairy story thus: "In this tale a princess was endowed with the ability to see above and below the earth by looking through the windows of a tower. She declared she would only marry the man she could not see from her tower. Many men came and all failed; until the 100th man accepted the challenge. With the help of a raven he hid in an egg but was seen; with the help of a fish he hid in its belly but was seen. Finally after having removed a thorn from a fox’s paw, the fox helped the young man turn into a little sea hare. The little sea hare hid under the princess’s hair and when she looked from the tower windows he could not be seen. They married and after the wedding the young man became ruler of the kingdom."

Approximate dimensions: 33 x 24 in / 83.8 x 61cm

This is an authorised David Hockney poster. It's an archive / vintage poster, printed in 1981, now collectable and in short supply. Our stock of it is sold as new. Given its age the condition is very, very good.  Please hang away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. We send out posters rolled in tubes.

We offer this poster framed in stunning extruded aluminium, but only for collection in person at Salts Mill. To find out more please call 01274 531163 /