Brauchzeit Pils Glass Set with Hops and Barley Illustration, des. Andreas Preis for Ritzenhoff


This pair of Pils glasses designed by Berlin-based Andreas Preis for Ritzenhoff feature geometric illustrations of Hops and Barley: the cornerstones of beer!

    A real all-rounder, this universally usable beer glass set consists of two glasses featuring different illustrations relating to  beer and comes presented in an attractive box. 

    About Andreas Preis: 

    Influenced by his childhood in the deepest Bavarian forest, Berlin based Andreas Preis now makes flora and fauna his own by creating them in a completely new way through his unmistakable style

    Product Details: 

    • Item Number: 6201001
    • Designer: Andreas Preis
    • Collection: Spring 2023
    • Material: Crystal Glass
    • Diameter: 7.5cm
    • Height: 18.3cm 
    • Max filling volume: 374ml 
    • Care & usage instructions: dishwasher safe 
    • Ritzenhoff brand quality ‐ Made in Germany

    About Ritzenhoff: 

    The "Brauchzeit" range celebrates the sociable character of beer, which is full of history and continually writes new stories. With new interpretations of traditional motifs, Ritzenhoff glassware combines tradition with modernity.

    The Ritzenhoff story:

    From small, modest beginnings, the family business Ritzenhoff has developed into one of the most renowned glass manufacturers in Germany. High-quality crystal glass has been manufactured at the company's site in Marsberg in the Sauerland since 1904. The name Ritzenhoff first appeared in 1934, when the glass wholesaler Heinrich Ritzenhoff joined the company. In 1968, the glass manufacturer 'Marsberger Glasfabrik GmbH' was renamed 'Marsberger Glaswerke Ritzenhoff GmbH'.

    With great passion for glass, around 450 employees work today to delight Ritzenhoff customers with exceptional products. This is primarily possible because Ritzenhoff carries out all production steps itself in its own glassworks, from the development of the glass shape to production and finishing and the 'Made in Germany' label.