CasQ Wine Bottle Stopper, by AdHoc


By: AdHoc

This is the PERFECT bottle-stopper and makes an ideal gift for wine lovers!

Simple to clean by hand and made from a beautiful oak, the CasQ Bottle Stopper (designed by Robert Franzheld) creates an airtight seal around the wine bottle, therefore preventing further aeration of the wine and preserving its taste and freshness for longer. 

It is also suitable for use with olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles. 

  • Material: wood, stainless steel, silicon
  • Height: approx 3.7cm
  • Diameter: approx 4.9cm 
  • Engineered and designed in Germany

About AdHoc: 

AdHoc means: 'made for a particular purpose,' and since the company was founded in 1995, the AdHoc team has been developing, designing and manufacturing kitchen products according to this principle. 

Inspired by the classic development principle of 'design follows function,' products for kitchen and table culture are created with a focus on 'more': more solid function, more aesthetics, more quality - more value. AdHoc products are well thought out down to the smallest detail, fascinate with their straightforward elegance and simply bring joy.