Child's chair des. Kristian Vedel, 1951


A classic piece of Danish 50's design, Kristian Vedel's Child’s Chair was created to combine children’s curiosity for exploration, play, and their continuously changing needs. Thus, the chair has many possibilities: the seat can be adjusted to make a high or a low chair, and a smaller plate can be added to create a multipurpose table for eating, drawing or playing. Lay the chair on its back, and it can be used to put toys and other items too: hey presto, a stylish midcentury cradle for the teddies! Made from plywood, it is easy to carry and stable for your child to sit and play in. 

Materials and Colours: Plywood and Laminate, Blue and Red
Dimensions: W45,00 H31,00 L41,00 cm

About Kristian Vedel (1923 - 2003)

Point of view and empathy define the work of Kristian Vedel. Greatly influenced by Kaare Klint, the father of modern Danish furniture design, as well as the German Bauhaus school, his now-classic modern designs are characterised by a creative use of materials, especially plastics and wood, and with a strong sense for ergonomic and functional requirements.

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