Brushed Brass Collar Coffee Grinder des.Debiasi & Sandri for Stelton


By: Stelton

Italian design duo, Daniel Debiasi and Fedrico Sandri have created a minimalist coffee collection designed especially for all coffee aficionados. With the Collar coffee grinder, you can grind your own beans by hand - essential for a proper espresso. The manual coffee mill can be adjusted to grind fine coffee for espresso, medium coarse for drip coffee and coarse for French press coffee. The grinder also serves as a storage jar with the close-fitting lid. The designers have taken a modern spin on the classic design for all coffee grinders, bringing in some Scandinavian design aesthetics.

Length: 16 cm
Height: 12 cm
Width: 9 cm
About Stelton

Minimalist design, maximalist quality and functionality: Danish company Stelton has captured the hearts of consumers since the late 1960s. With iconic, award-winning designs like the Cylinda-line by Arne Jacobsen (1967) and the Em77 Vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen (1977), Stelton is all about design classics. We've sold their products for decades.