Daniel Libeskind: Micromega 6 poster


A large, very nicely produced poster showing one of Daniel Libeskind's Micromegas.

Early in his career Libeskind produced the Micromegas, drawings which reflected on the nature of architectural space. The Micromegas were named after a short story by the eighteenth-century French historian and philosopher Voltaire. 

"An architectural drawing," Libeskind has written, "is as much a prospective unfolding of future possibilities as it is a recovery of a particular history, to whose intentions it testifies and whose limits it always challenges. In any case a drawing is more than the shadow of an object, more than a pile of lines, more than a resignation to the inertia of convention."

Approximate dimensions: 68.7cm x 100cm

About Daniel Libeskind

Polish born, Bronx-bred, Libeskind is one of the great architects of our time. Noted for his ability to evoke cultural memory in buildings, his work is informed by a deep commitment to music, philosophy, literature and poetry.