Yoku Dark Oak Hook des. Lincoln Rivers for Wireworks


‘Yoku’ - meaning bath in Japanese - is a refined collection of bathroom furniture and wall fittings. The rounded, smooth wood parts compliment perfectly the precision engineered, matt stainless steel fixings.

Yoku hook’s rounded ends prevent tearing. The angled profile and sturdy design is perfect for hanging towels and robes. A silicone washer between the wall and fixing stops any slipping. Thank goodness for Wireworks, who think about this stuff so we don't have to! 

Every part is individually crafted, made from sustainably harvested dark stained American white oak, selected for its depth of colour, beautiful grain pattern and traditional hardwood durability. Parts are hand sanded and lacquered with a matt, water resistant finish. Concealed fixings give a seamless look. 

Dimensions: 3w x 6d x 8h cm